Team Fuck Shit Up

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A God - A King - A Lord


Playing Tera and I’m throwing crap at a friend about who’d be what in AH.

Ray totally a Castanic, totally a warrior. Totes magotes.

Forever is a cute show but the sherlock thing he does is super annoying and needs to be toned down


[x-ray and vav theme in the distance]

you piece of shit

fitz :(

may pls

you’re not invincible, put on a damn helmet


i hope they do the pose at LEAST once… =u=b !! how exciting :O!!

[bigger @ DA]

akaranacorridor: demonkin here, i just sprinkled pop rocks over cotton candy and ate it and it was the best thing ever, satisfied my craving for souls/spirits for one night




how can some of yall reblog porn at like 7 am i havent even had my cheerios at 7 am reblogging a titty is the least of my worries

it’s called different timezone

Um no I don’t care what time it is I don’t want to see a titty before I see a cheerio

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badly written fanfics on a plot you’re interested in



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oh snap